Here at Level 1 Cleaning & Lighting systems customer satisfaction is a must. This is why we offer multiple services like Plumbing,Electrical and A/C work. This enables us to bring value and quality service to our clients and is the corner stone to our success. This is why we always take a true step by step approach to executing each project witch are perfectly planned every step of the way. Communication and understanding is the right way to gain piece of mind for our clients , you'll notice that every step of our prcess particularly focuses on securing future business. Our principles of quality workmanship, timely completion, competitive pricing and over all pride and honor is poured into each project. We combine years of building knowledge, with our extensive practical experience, to ensure a specialized approach for your project needs. Contact Edison today for a fair and accurate estimate of your project. We look forward to adding you to our long and growing line of satisfied customers.


we use tools and products that allow us to achieve commercial standards and speeds while exicuting a job well done.

It is this business model that has created a pipeline of recurring customers for us. Insuring the future of our company in this community . thanks every one!!!!!!


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